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Easy to use.
Robust feature set.

Image-Pro is an image analysis software platform that provides users with easy-to-use intuitive tools that allow for capturing of images, processing them, analyzing & extracting information and reporting results for collaboration.

Used by thousands of researchers and engineers worldwide, Image-Pro solves imaging problems and allows you focus on innovation and productivity.  

Image-Pro: Our Technology

Image Processing

Image-Pro has the largest set of image processing tools such as image filters, image alignment, background subtraction/enhancement, image arithmetic, pseudo coloring, frequency and large spectral filtering and more.

Image Analysis

Image-Pro has tools for manual or automated anlysis. Tools include line & image profile/histogram, line/angle measurements, manual and automatic object classification, counting of objects, image learning and data collection.

Image Informatics

Image-Pro can collect data from multiple images/image sets in multiple dimensions (x, y, z, time) and export this data to Excel, PowerPoint or a report generator.

Automated Analysis 

All of Image-Pro's imaging tools can be automated to process images in batches. This improves productivity and reproducibility of results creating trust in the data independent of who the user is.


Image-Pro allows you to create custom workflows and toolbars without the need to understand coding/programming. Multiple workflows can be assigned to different users (with permissions).  

Multi-User Environment

Image-Pro creates efficiency in your organization/lab by allowing multiple users to access the imaging platform at various workstations simultaneously.

Image-Pro: List


Used in QA/QC labs, Image-Pro increases productivity by providing repeatable consistent results across your samples. Whether you're working on intermetallic corrosion analysis, offline wafer inspection or particle size analysis, Image-Pro can help.

Image-Pro: Image


Thousands of research papers have been published citing Image-Pro as their trusted image analysis software. Used in pathology, neuroscience, and other research areas, Image-Pro provides trusted algorithms and repeatability of results.

Image-Pro: Image


Whether your task involves particle sizing, layer thickness, grain size, porosity, Image-Pro can help. With numerous image processing filters and a flexible imaging environment, Image-Pro give you the tools you need to extract data from your image set.

Image-Pro: Image
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The analysis of cosmetics ingredients is vital to ensuring a proper chemical composition. Image-Pro helps in the initial research phase of a compound by providing tools for particle sizing, uniformity, etc. You can evaluate the end-product and its effects on wrinkles, skin texture/color and pores. For over 25 years, Image-Pro has been a dependable imaging solution for the cosmetics industry.

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