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Deconvolution Software

With AutoQuant X3, you get a complete set of 2D and 3D algorithms to deconvolve and visualize your 3D image stack whether from a widefield or confocal microscope. All this in a standalone application. AutoQuant algorithms are

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Why Use Deconvolution Techniques? 

The deconvolution process restores the fidelity and enhances the quality of images which have undergone inherent, and often inevitable, distortions during the image acquisition process. The inherent optical limitations of microscopes, combined with sample characteristics and imaging techniques, often introduce blurring and other types of noise, which compromise image quality.

AutoQuant's deconvolution tools greatly improve both the image resolution and its contrast, leading to enhanced visualization, better measurements, and more meaningful analysis.

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AutoQuant X3 is microscope independent

With an easy-to-use interface, you'll have the ability to experiment with different settings for the algorithms used. AutoQuant supports a wide range of file formats, so whether your image stack was acquired from your own microscope or other sources, you can import them into AutoQuant.

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