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Image-Pro combined with AI Materials is the complete solution for materials analysis

AI Materials is a suite of add-on modules for Image-Pro version 10 designed for industrial materials scientists, metallurgists, laboratory technicians and R&D engineers. The analysis and reporting of images confirm to ASTM, DIN, and JIS standards. 

AI Materials has three modules: 

  • Grain Size

  • Sphericity

  • Graphite

AI Materials: Text

Grain Size

AI Materials' Grain Size module measures microstructures of grains using the point-intercept method as prescribed in the ASTM E112 standard. An easy-to-use interface allows for manual adjustment of points. Lines may be vertical, horizontal or circular format. Images can be spatially calibrated so as to ensure proper grain size measurement.

AI Materials: Image


AI Materials' Sphericity module calculates the percentage of particles which are spherical using the roundness factor. They are calculated according to the ASTM Sphericity and JIS G 5502 standards.

AI Materials: Image


AI Materials' Graphite module includes Grain Iron, Nodularity Iron, Compacted Iron and Ferrite & Pearlite analysis sections. You can set up multiple ranges of intensities in order to identify different classes of materials. Automatically count and measure the area, ratio of area, percentage etc. of the materials.

AI Materials: Image
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